How to Watch Bundesliga 2023 in New Zealand

Bundesliga is one of the well-known German football leagues with a sizable fan base worldwide. The popular tournament’s new season is currently underway and getting more interesting by the day.

To watch Bundesliga in New Zealand, use one of the streaming providers listed below. Verify if the game is being broadcasted live on the streaming service you have been availing. If not, you should subscribe to one of the below-mentioned services to watch Bundesliga live in New Zealand.

If you are an outsider and temporarily staying in New Zealand for work or traveling purpose, you would have any other streaming service (may be of your native country), in that case you may access the games on your streaming service with a VPN.

We’ve got you covered if you want to watch Bundesliga games in New Zealand.

Watch Bundesliga on Sky Sport 7 beIN Sports

For the first choice, Sky Sport 7’s beIN Sports enables you to witness the thrilling matches of the Bundesliga in New Zealand. However, you have to spend $31.99 per month to obtain its monthly subscription.

You must subscribe to the Sky Starter package to continue using this package. To access Bundesliga coverage in New Zealand, you will have to pay $57.98/month (inclusive of the $25.99/month Sky Starter package).

Watch Bundesliga on Kayo Sports

You can access the media coverage of the Bundesliga through your Kayo Sports account. However, if you want to access the service in New Zealand, you’ll need a VPN. To watch the renowned Bundesliga matches live, you will need to pay the $6.67 monthly fee and the $25 monthly fee for the Kayo Sports basic plan.

Watch Bundesliga on ESPN+

Fortunately, if you live in New Zealand, you can subscribe to ESPN+, the most economical choice. The streaming above service is available for US $5.99 or NZ $8.32 per month. Similarly, you may get its yearly plan for the US $49.99 or 69.34 New Zealand dollars per year.

In this way, if you subscribe to its yearly subscription, you will spend $5.77 each month. You will need to use a VPN because, as you are aware, ESPN+ and other geo-blocked providers do not offer their coverage outside of the US.

How to watch Bundesliga for free in New Zealand

Football fans worldwide have a special place in their hearts for the Bundesliga, which is famous not only in Germany. When you watch Bundesliga in HD for free and with fast internet, the fun might increase tenfold.

There isn’t a Bundesliga free-to-air provider in New Zealand, per broadcasting rights. However, there are numerous illegal channels where New Zealanders can watch Bundesliga, including Twitch, Facebook pages, Reddit, and free streaming services offered by foreign servers.

However, if you want to watch Bundesliga in New Zealand, we recommend using official channels. Bundesliga is accessible on several streaming services with free trials. There are also VPN trial versions available. Remember to take out your card before the trial period ends.

How to watch Bundesliga final in New Zealand

You may watch the Bundesliga final in New Zealand via the streaming services provided above. Sign up right away to start watching Bundesliga in New Zealand if you don’t already have one of them!

However, you can use a VPN to see the Bundesliga final in New Zealand if you are an ex-pat and have access to any other streaming service. If you’re leaving New Zealand but don’t want to miss a thing, use a reliable VPN and pick a New Zealand server.

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