How to watch DFB Pokal online in Australia

DFB Pokal is a German football league that is considered to be the doorstep to major football events. The top teams of this tournament get their space in big championship events that is why it is one of the momentum gaining events in the football world. Fans from across the waters loves to watch the games live because the epic competition. Unfortunately they have not got many broadcasters across the world letting the fans enjoy the games.

Fans from Australia always seeks to watch the DFB Pokal finals and regular games from their location. Just like other regions there are not many broadcasters of this sport in Australia. So for a short cut, fans needs to subscribe those streaming services that are based in either Germany or have official broadcasting rights in Australia. For that, a VPN is required as most of the official channels are OTT services and geo restricted.

Let’s figure out in a transparent way for how you can watch the DFB Pokal Online in Australia.

Best VPNs to stream DFB Pokal outside Australia




Features: 475 Mbps Speed, 4K Video Streaming Support, 30 days Money Back Guarantee.

Benefits: A speedy VPN that unblocks region-locked content, works in China, fast speeds, no logs, and impeccable security.



CyberGhost VPN

Features: 548 Mbps Speed, 4K Video Streaming Support, 45 days Money Back Guarantee.

Benefits: Best streaming VPN and a great option for novice users who want all the benefits of a powerful VPN, including speed, security, and unblocking for a low cost.

Private Internet Access


Private Internet Access (PIA)

Features: 117 Mbps Speed, 4K HD Video Conferencing, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Benefits: Strong Security, Zero Logs, Tons of Customization, Fast Servers and Connect up to 10 Devices.

Nord VPN



Features: 369 Mbps Speed, 4K UHD Support, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Benefits: Best Multipurpose VPN with fast speed, great for streaming, lots of servers, and strong security, minimal logs.



Surfshark VPN

Features: 324 Mbps Speed, 4K UHD video conferencing, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Benefits: Best budget VPN and is the cheapest VPN on this list, Provides unlimited simultaneous connections.

Watch DFB Pokal on Optus Sports

In Australia Optus Sports gain the major broadcasting rights of major football games across the world. So in case of DFB Pokal they won the ground as well. Optus sports Australia bring the seamless streaming of DFB Pokal games live. Fortunately you won’t need a VPN unless you reside outside Australia to stream the games on Optus Sports.

One of the most common questions for anyone looking for a DFB Pokal fix is, “How much does Optus Sport cost?” ’. If you aren’t already an Optus customer and want to sign up, just download the iOS or Android mobile app, create an account, and select one of two subscription choices. Optus Sport’s monthly subscription is $24.99, or $199 for an annual plan.

Optus Sport used to offer a free trial so you could check the service before subscribing, however this is no longer an option.

Annual PlanNo Lock-in Contract
Best football live and on demand
Stream EPL, WSL, J-League and DFB Pokal
$199/365 days
Monthly PlanNo Lock-in Contract
Best football live and on demand
Stream EPL, WSL, J-League and DFB Pokal
$24.99/month Min Cost- $24.99 over 1 month

Get Optus Sport on TV

The easiest method to watch Optus Sport on your TV is to use one of the popular streaming devices on the market right now, which range in price from budget to top-tier. Optus Sport applications are available for Fetch TV, Apple TV, and Amazon’s Fire TV, and the latest Google Chromecast with Google TV is supported via an Android TV app that is also compatible with Sony smart TVs. Apps for LG and Samsung smart TVs, as well as the Xbox One game console, are also available.

Optus Sport’s Best Features

  • Comprehensive coverage of several international football tournaments
  • Full access to English Premier League matches, news, and other content with 24-hour coverage
  • Easy navigation makes it easy to discover the match you’re finding for, with start times quoted in local time so you know exactly when to watch.
  • There are no commitments, only monthly or annual plans.
  • Available at no extra cost with certain Optus broadband and post-paid mobile plans.

I have Optus Sports but could not access it outside Australia

It may be a possibility that you already have a subscription of Optus Sports Australia but right on the time when DFB Pokal is round the corner you have to leave Australia. In that case you would not be able to access the Optus Sports on your mobile or any device outside the Australia.

Don’t worry you can use any of the best VPNs to relocate yourself. Some of the best VPNs are already mentioned in the article above. These may leads you bear some extra cost but it worth it when it comes to security.

How to watch DFB Pokal for free in Australia

Nothing comes for free and so does the DFB Pokal. There are many free of cost sources like Reddit Spaces, Facebook Pages and free streaming websites that claim to stream the live games online.

Unfortunately, they are not seamless and you will definitely face a lot of pop ups and interruption if you go for FB pages or Reddit spaces. The free content comes up with a lot of disturbance, so you have to sacrifice your leisure if you wish to stream the games live for free.

On contrary you can check out any of the streaming services that stream the DFB Pokal and comes up with the free trial.

For example, you can watch the games live on ESPN+ with the free trial. But this may not be accessible in Australia, so besides the ESPN+ free trial you also have to have a free trial of a VPN. Express VPN offers this, so ESPN+ with Express VPN will be a perfect combo to stream the games live for free (within trial version)

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