Where to Watch Dutch Eredivisie Online Anywhere in the World

The Eredivisie (“Honour Division” or “Premier Division”) is the highest level of professional football in the Netherlands. The league was founded in 1956, two years after the start of professional football in the Netherlands. It is considered as one of the best European leagues. UEFA ranks it the sixth-best league in Europe for the 2020-21 season.

In this article, I am going to share how you can stream Dutch Eredivisie live anywhere in the world.

Live Stream Dutch Eredivisie for free (with a VPN)

Mola TV is an official broadcaster of Dutch Eredivisie in the UK. Mola TV is totally free for the residents of the United Kingdom. However, if you belong anywhere outside the UK, you would face blockage accessing this stream network.

With a VPN you can change your location to any UK server, make a free account at Mola TV and enjoy live streaming of Dutch Eredivisie. You can even enjoy the weekly highlights package on demand.

Note: Choose the VPN that comes up with free trials or money-back guarantee. If you have a VPN with a free trial, you can enjoy the live streaming with Mola TV. While in the later case, you would have to pay upfront and then reimburse the amount before the expiry of the claim period (generally 30-days).

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Best VPNs to live Stream Dutch Eredivisie anywhere in the World




Features: 475 Mbps Speed, 4K Video Streaming Support, 30 days Money Back Guarantee.

Benefits: A speedy VPN that unblocks region-locked content, works in China, fast speeds, no logs, and impeccable security.



CyberGhost VPN

Features: 548 Mbps Speed, 4K Video Streaming Support, 45 days Money Back Guarantee.

Benefits: Best streaming VPN and a great option for novice users who want all the benefits of a powerful VPN, including speed, security, and unblocking for a low cost.

Private Internet Access


Private Internet Access (PIA)

Features: 117 Mbps Speed, 4K HD Video Conferencing, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Benefits: Strong Security, Zero Logs, Tons of Customization, Fast Servers and Connect up to 10 Devices.

Nord VPN



Features: 369 Mbps Speed, 4K UHD Support, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Benefits: Best Multipurpose VPN with fast speed, great for streaming, lots of servers, and strong security, minimal logs.



Surfshark VPN

Features: 324 Mbps Speed, 4K UHD video conferencing, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Benefits: Best budget VPN and is the cheapest VPN on this list, Provides unlimited simultaneous connections.

Watch online Dutch Eredivisie on Viaplay

ViaPlay is another way to stream your favorite club matches on your mobile or laptop without any hassle. ViaPlay is a streaming service that is operational in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland. So you won’t need any VPN to stream the games if you belong to any of the mentioned localities.

ViaPlay charge 13 EUR/month, but it comes up with the benefits of other sport you can watch other top football leagues like EPL, and the Bundesliga as well as live sports, including F1 and darts, plus original series, kids’ content, and Hollywood movies on demand.

Watch Dutch Eredivisie on ESPN+

If your subscribed network has missed some of your club’s games, you can check out with ESPN+. It is a US-based streaming network and is only accessible to the citizens of the USA. It would cost you just 10 USD/month for unlimited sports streaming.

If you are outside the US, it may hassle you to access this channel. So the alternative way is to subscribe to a streaming network with ESPN or use a VPN to set your location to the US. The later method would suit you.

Does Gol TV have Dutch Eredivisie

Yes, this year you can watch Eredivisie games on Gol TV. It is one of the most expensive ways to stream sports; you have to pay 76 USD/month for Gol TV subscription. But with the high cost, you can benefit from more sports. For example, if you are a fan of KNVB Cup, Gol TV supports you in streaming online.

You can access Gol TV with paid subscriptions of fuboTV (70$ + Sports-Plus add-on for 11USD/mo) and YoutubeTV (55$ + Sports-add-on for 11USD/mo). So if you already have fuboTV or YoutubeTV, you are already a winner.

The only disadvantage is that it is a US-based streaming service that you can easily catch if you are a US resident. You will have to get a US IP address instantly if you live outside the US. A VPN aids in changing your location.

Watch NOS Studio Sport Eredivisie (TV Program in the Dutch Language)

NOS airs an Eredivisie program that includes match recaps, player interviews, and much more. It is a Netherlands-based streaming network that is entirely free for the residents of the Netherlands. However, if you are anywhere outside the Netherlands, you must change your location by using a VPN.

Dutch Eredivisie Schedule 2022-23

DateDay and TimeMatch
6-Jan-23Fri 22:00Twente vs Emmen
7-Jan-23Sat 18:30 RKC Waalwijk vs Heerenveen
7-Jan-23Sat 20:45 AZ vs Vitesse
7-Jan-23Sat 22:00 Fortuna Sittard vs Go Ahead Eagles
7-Jan-23Sat 23:00 PSV vs Sparta Rotterdam
8-Jan-23Sun 14:15 Utrecht vs Feyenoord
8-Jan-23Sun 16:30 NEC vs Ajax
8-Jan-23Sun 16:30 Cambuur vs Volendam
8-Jan-23Sun 18:45 Excelsior vs Groningen
14-Jan-23Sat 20:45 Volendam vs RKC Waalwijk
14-Jan-23Sat 20:45 Heerenveen vs AZ
14-Jan-23Sat 23:00 Ajax vs Twente
14-Jan-23Sat 23:00 Sparta Rotterdam vs Excelsior
15-Jan-23Sun 14:15 Vitesse vs NEC
15-Jan-23Sun 16:30 Go Ahead Eagles vs Utrecht
15-Jan-23Sun 16:30 Fortuna Sittard vs PSV
15-Jan-23Sun 18:45 Emmen vs Cambuur
15-Jan-23Sun 18:45 Groningen vs Feyenoord
20-Jan-23Fri 22:00 Excelsior vs Volendam
21-Jan-23Sat 20:45 NEC vs Emmen
21-Jan-23Sat 22:00 Cambuur vs Sparta Rotterdam
21-Jan-23Sat 22:00 PSV vs Vitesse
21-Jan-23Sat 23:00 RKC Waalwijk vs Go Ahead Eagles
22-Jan-23Sun 14:15 Heerenveen vs Groningen
22-Jan-23Sun 16:30 Feyenoord vs Ajax
22-Jan-23Sun 16:30 Twente vs Utrecht
22-Jan-23Sun 18:45 AZ vs Fortuna Sittard
24-Jan-23Tue 20:45 Emmen vs PSV
24-Jan-23Tue 23:00 Sparta Rotterdam vs RKC Waalwijk
25-Jan-23Wed 20:45 Vitesse vs Twente
25-Jan-23Wed 20:45 Go Ahead Eagles vs AZ
25-Jan-23Wed 22:00 Fortuna Sittard vs Heerenveen
25-Jan-23Wed 23:00 Utrecht vs Excelsior
25-Jan-23Wed 23:00 Feyenoord vs NEC
26-Jan-23Thu 20:45 Groningen vs Cambuur
26-Jan-23Thu 23:00 Ajax vs Volendam
28-Jan-23Sat 18:30 RKC Waalwijk vs Emmen
28-Jan-23Sat 20:45 PSV vs Go Ahead Eagles
28-Jan-23Sat 22:00 NEC vs Sparta Rotterdam
28-Jan-23Sat 22:00 Heerenveen vs Vitesse
28-Jan-23Sat 23:00 AZ vs Utrecht
29-Jan-23Sun 14:15 Twente vs Feyenoord
29-Jan-23Sun 16:30 Volendam vs Groningen
29-Jan-23Sun 16:30 Excelsior vs Ajax
29-Jan-23Sun 18:45 Cambuur vs Fortuna Sittard
3-Feb-23Fri 22:00 Fortuna Sittard vs Sparta Rotterdam
4-Feb-23Sat 20:45 Volendam vs AZ
4-Feb-23Sat 22:00 Emmen vs Vitesse
4-Feb-23Sat 22:00 Utrecht vs Heerenveen
4-Feb-23Sat 23:00 Excelsior vs RKC Waalwijk
5-Feb-23Sun 14:15 Cambuur vs Ajax
5-Feb-23Sun 16:30 Go Ahead Eagles vs NEC
5-Feb-23Sun 16:30 Feyenoord vs PSV
5-Feb-23Sun 18:45 Groningen vs Twente
12-Feb-23Sun 20:00 Ajax vs RKC Waalwijk
12-Feb-23Sun 20:00 AZ vs Excelsior
12-Feb-23Sun 20:00 Emmen vs Fortuna Sittard
12-Feb-23Sun 20:00 Twente vs Volendam
12-Feb-23Sun 20:00 NEC vs Cambuur
12-Feb-23Sun 20:00 PSV vs Groningen
12-Feb-23Sun 20:00 Heerenveen vs Feyenoord
12-Feb-23Sun 20:00 Sparta Rotterdam vs Go Ahead Eagles
12-Feb-23Sun 20:00 Vitesse vs Utrecht
19-Feb-23Sun 20:00 Go Ahead Eagles vs Twente
19-Feb-23Sun 20:00 RKC Waalwijk vs Fortuna Sittard
19-Feb-23Sun 20:00 Cambuur vs Heerenveen
19-Feb-23Sun 20:00 Ajax vs Sparta Rotterdam
19-Feb-23Sun 20:00 Excelsior vs NEC
19-Feb-23Sun 20:00 Groningen vs Emmen
19-Feb-23Sun 20:00 Utrecht vs PSV
19-Feb-23Sun 20:00 Volendam vs Vitesse
19-Feb-23Sun 20:00 Feyenoord vs AZ
26-Feb-23Sun 20:00 AZ vs Cambuur
26-Feb-23Sun 20:00 Emmen vs Go Ahead Eagles
26-Feb-23Sun 20:00 Groningen vs Excelsior
26-Feb-23Sun 20:00 Fortuna Sittard vs Feyenoord
26-Feb-23Sun 20:00 NEC vs Volendam
26-Feb-23Sun 20:00 PSV vs Twente
26-Feb-23Sun 20:00 Heerenveen vs RKC Waalwijk
26-Feb-23Sun 20:00 Sparta Rotterdam vs Utrecht
26-Feb-23Sun 20:00 Vitesse vs Ajax
5-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Volendam vs Emmen
5-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Feyenoord vs Groningen
5-Mar-23Sun 20:00 RKC Waalwijk vs PSV
5-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Cambuur vs Go Ahead Eagles
5-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Vitesse vs AZ
5-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Ajax vs NEC
5-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Excelsior vs Sparta Rotterdam
5-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Twente vs Heerenveen
5-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Utrecht vs Fortuna Sittard
12-Mar-23Sun 20:00 AZ vs Groningen
12-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Emmen vs Excelsior
12-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Feyenoord vs Volendam
12-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Fortuna Sittard vs Twente
12-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Go Ahead Eagles vs RKC Waalwijk
12-Mar-23Sun 20:00 NEC vs Utrecht
12-Mar-23Sun 20:00 PSV vs Cambuur
12-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Heerenveen vs Ajax
12-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Sparta Rotterdam vs Vitesse
19-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Volendam vs Fortuna Sittard
19-Mar-23Sun 20:00 RKC Waalwijk vs NEC
19-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Vitesse vs PSV
19-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Ajax vs Feyenoord
19-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Excelsior vs Cambuur
19-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Emmen vs Sparta Rotterdam
19-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Groningen vs Heerenveen
19-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Twente vs AZ
19-Mar-23Sun 20:00 Utrecht vs Go Ahead Eagles
2-Apr-23Sun 19:00 AZ vs Heerenveen
2-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Excelsior vs Twente
2-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Utrecht vs Volendam
2-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Fortuna Sittard vs Groningen
2-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Go Ahead Eagles vs Ajax
2-Apr-23Sun 19:00 NEC vs PSV
2-Apr-23Sun 19:00 RKC Waalwijk vs Vitesse
2-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Cambuur vs Emmen
2-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Sparta Rotterdam vs Feyenoord
9-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Twente vs Cambuur
9-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Feyenoord vs RKC Waalwijk
9-Apr-23Sun 19:00 PSV vs Excelsior
9-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Heerenveen vs Volendam
9-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Vitesse vs Go Ahead Eagles
9-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Ajax vs Fortuna Sittard
9-Apr-23Sun 19:00 AZ vs Sparta Rotterdam
9-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Emmen vs NEC
9-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Groningen vs Utrecht
16-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Ajax vs Emmen
16-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Excelsior vs Go Ahead Eagles
16-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Utrecht vs Twente
16-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Volendam vs PSV
16-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Fortuna Sittard vs AZ
16-Apr-23Sun 19:00 NEC vs Vitesse
16-Apr-23Sun 19:00 RKC Waalwijk vs Groningen
16-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Cambuur vs Feyenoord
16-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Sparta Rotterdam vs Heerenveen
23-Apr-23Sun 19:00 PSV vs Ajax
23-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Heerenveen vs Emmen
23-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Vitesse vs Excelsior
23-Apr-23Sun 19:00 AZ vs RKC Waalwijk
23-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Groningen vs NEC
23-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Twente vs Sparta Rotterdam
23-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Volendam vs Cambuur
23-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Feyenoord vs Utrecht
23-Apr-23Sun 19:00 Go Ahead Eagles vs Fortuna Sittard
7-May-23Sun 19:00 Ajax vs AZ
7-May-23Sun 19:00 Excelsior vs Feyenoord
7-May-23Sun 19:00 Emmen vs Twente
7-May-23Sun 19:00 Fortuna Sittard vs Vitesse
7-May-23Sun 19:00 Go Ahead Eagles vs Groningen
7-May-23Sun 19:00 NEC vs Heerenveen
7-May-23Sun 19:00 RKC Waalwijk vs Volendam
7-May-23Sun 19:00 Cambuur vs Utrecht
7-May-23Sun 19:00 Sparta Rotterdam vs PSV
14-May-23Sun 19:00 AZ vs Emmen
14-May-23Sun 19:00 Groningen vs Ajax
14-May-23Sun 19:00 Twente vs NEC
14-May-23Sun 19:00 Utrecht vs RKC Waalwijk
14-May-23Sun 19:00 Volendam vs Sparta Rotterdam
14-May-23Sun 19:00 Feyenoord vs Go Ahead Eagles
14-May-23Sun 19:00 PSV vs Fortuna Sittard
14-May-23Sun 19:00 Heerenveen vs Excelsior
14-May-23Sun 19:00 Vitesse vs Cambuur
21-May-23Sun 15:30 RKC Waalwijk vs Twente
21-May-23Sun 15:30 Sparta Rotterdam vs Cambuur
21-May-23Sun 15:30 Vitesse vs Groningen
21-May-23Sun 15:30 Ajax vs Utrecht
21-May-23Sun 15:30 Emmen vs Feyenoord
21-May-23Sun 15:30 Excelsior vs Fortuna Sittard
21-May-23Sun 15:30 Go Ahead Eagles vs Volendam
21-May-23Sun 15:30 NEC vs AZ
21-May-23Sun 15:30 PSV vs Heerenveen
28-May-23Sun 15:30 Volendam vs Excelsior
28-May-23Sun 15:30 AZ vs PSV
28-May-23Sun 15:30 Cambuur vs RKC Waalwijk
28-May-23Sun 15:30 Feyenoord vs Vitesse
28-May-23Sun 15:30 Fortuna Sittard vs NEC
28-May-23Sun 15:30 Groningen vs Sparta Rotterdam
28-May-23Sun 15:30 Heerenveen vs Go Ahead Eagles
28-May-23Sun 15:30 Twente vs Ajax
28-May-23Sun 15:30 Utrecht vs Emmen

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