Where to Watch French Ligue 1 Online Anywhere in the World

Ligue 1 is a French professional league for men’s association football clubs, officially known as Ligue 1 Uber Eats, for sponsorship reasons. It is the country’s primary football competition and is located at the top of the French football league system. Ligue 1 is contested by 20 clubs and is administrated by the Ligue de Football Professionnel. It operates on a promotion and relegation system from and to Ligue 2.

In this article, I will let you know how you can live stream French Ligue 1 games online anywhere in the world:

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Live Stream French Ligue 1 on Amazon Prime Video

If you are a France resident, Amazon Prime Video is the right option to stream French Ligue 1. It would cost you 6 EUR/month or 50 EUR/year. Amazon Prime Videos are worth it, as you can also access a few more games of other soccer leagues online.

If you are having any hurdles while accessing Amazon Prime Video anywhere for Ligue 1 matches, follow steps:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service.
  2. Remove any Cache and Cookies from your browser.
  3. Launch the VPN and set your location to France.
  4. Sign in for Amazon Prime Videos.
  5. Enjoy live French Ligue 1 streaming.

Watch Ligue 1 online on beIN Sports

Just at 20 USD/month, beIN Sports is a soft alternative to watch French Ligue 1 games online anywhere in the world. beIN Sports is a US-based platform that is free if you reside in the USA. Plus, you can access it via several streaming services.

For example, you can watch beIN Sports on fuboTV for 70 USD/month or Sling TV for 10 USD/month + “Sports Extra” add-on for an extra 10 USD/month) and sign up for a free trial.

If you are traveling outside US, you will not be able to get any of the streaming networks. Simply, a US IP is required to get these networks on board. Follow the below-mentioned steps to watch Ligue 1 online on beIN Sports anywhere in the world:

  1. Subscribe to any VPN (it must be premium which does not slow down, and have a wide range of servers. Trial Period and money-back guarantee would be a plus)
  2. Launch the VPN and set your location to USA.
  3. Now sign in to fuboTV or SlingTV to access beIN Sports.
  4. Enjoy live Ligue 1 games without any hassle.

Can I watch French Ligue 1 on BT Sport

BT Sport is your best bet for watching French Ligue 1 live game streams if you live in the United Kingdom. To view the broadcasts online, you must have a BT ID. To obtain a BT ID, you will need a TV license, a valid postal code, and a local bank card to subscribe.

Get Ligue 1 Highlights on Youtube

If you are busy and don’t have time for the full match. You can get the highlights on the official Ligue 1 YouTube channel.

French Ligue 1 Schedule 2022-23

Day and DateTimeMatches
Wednesday 28th December20:00AC Ajaccio vs Angers
Wednesday 28th December20:00Auxerre vs Monaco
Wednesday 28th December20:00Brest vs Lyon
Wednesday 28th December20:00Clermont vs Lille
Wednesday 28th December20:00Lorient vs Montpellier
Wednesday 28th December20:00Marseille vs Toulouse
Wednesday 28th December20:00Nice vs RC Lens
Wednesday 28th December20:00Paris Saint-Germain vs Strasbourg
Wednesday 28th December20:00Reims vs Rennes
Wednesday 28th December20:00Troyes vs Nantes
Sunday 1st January20:00Angers vs Lorient
Sunday 1st January20:00Lille vs Reims
Sunday 1st January20:00Lyon vs Clermont
Sunday 1st January20:00Monaco vs Brest
Sunday 1st January20:00Montpellier vs Marseille
Sunday 1st January20:00Nantes vs Auxerre
Sunday 1st January20:00RC Lens vs Paris Saint-Germain
Sunday 1st January20:00Rennes vs Nice
Sunday 1st January20:00Strasbourg vs Troyes
Sunday 1st January20:00Toulouse vs AC Ajaccio
Wednesday 11th January20:00AC Ajaccio vs Reims
Wednesday 11th January20:00Auxerre vs Toulouse
Wednesday 11th January20:00Brest vs Lille
Wednesday 11th January20:00Clermont vs Rennes
Wednesday 11th January20:00Lorient vs Monaco
Wednesday 11th January20:00Nantes vs Lyon
Wednesday 11th January20:00Nice vs Montpellier
Wednesday 11th January20:00Paris Saint-Germain vs Angers
Wednesday 11th January20:00Strasbourg vs RC Lens
Wednesday 11th January20:00Troyes vs Marseille
Sunday 15th January20:00Angers vs Clermont
Sunday 15th January20:00Lille vs Troyes
Sunday 15th January20:00Lyon vs Strasbourg
Sunday 15th January20:00Marseille vs Lorient
Sunday 15th January20:00Monaco vs AC Ajaccio
Sunday 15th January20:00Montpellier vs Nantes
Sunday 15th January20:00RC Lens vs Auxerre
Sunday 15th January20:00Reims vs Nice
Sunday 15th January20:00Rennes vs Paris Saint-Germain
Sunday 15th January20:00Toulouse vs Brest
Sunday 29th January20:00AC Ajaccio vs Lyon
Sunday 29th January20:00Auxerre vs Montpellier
Sunday 29th January20:00Brest vs Angers
Sunday 29th January20:00Clermont vs Nantes
Sunday 29th January20:00Lorient vs Rennes
Sunday 29th January20:00Marseille vs Monaco
Sunday 29th January20:00Nice vs Lille
Sunday 29th January20:00Paris Saint-Germain vs Reims
Sunday 29th January20:00Strasbourg vs Toulouse
Sunday 29th January20:00Troyes vs RC Lens
Wednesday 1st February20:00Angers vs AC Ajaccio
Wednesday 1st February20:00Lille vs Clermont
Wednesday 1st February20:00Lyon vs Brest
Wednesday 1st February20:00Monaco vs Auxerre
Wednesday 1st February20:00Montpellier vs Paris Saint-Germain
Sunday 21st May20:00AC Ajaccio vs Rennes
Sunday 21st May20:00Auxerre vs Paris Saint-Germain
Sunday 21st May20:00Brest vs Clermont
Sunday 21st May20:00Lille vs Marseille
Sunday 21st May20:00Lorient vs RC Lens
Sunday 21st May20:00Lyon vs Monaco
Sunday 21st May20:00Nantes vs Montpellier
Sunday 21st May20:00Nice vs Toulouse
Sunday 21st May20:00Reims vs Angers
Sunday 21st May20:00Troyes vs Strasbourg
Saturday 27th May20:00Angers vs Troyes
Saturday 27th May20:00Clermont vs Lorient
Saturday 27th May20:00Lille vs Nantes
Saturday 27th May20:00Lyon vs Reims
Saturday 27th May20:00Marseille vs Brest
Saturday 27th May20:00Montpellier vs Nice
Saturday 27th May20:00RC Lens vs AC Ajaccio
Saturday 27th May20:00Rennes vs Monaco
Saturday 27th May20:00Strasbourg vs Paris Saint-Germain
Saturday 27th May20:00Toulouse vs Auxerre
Saturday 3rd June20:00AC Ajaccio vs Marseille
Saturday 3rd June20:00Auxerre vs RC Lens
Saturday 3rd June20:00Brest vs Rennes
Saturday 3rd June20:00Lorient vs Strasbourg
Saturday 3rd June20:00Monaco vs Toulouse
Saturday 3rd June20:00Nantes vs Angers
Saturday 3rd June20:00Nice vs Lyon
Saturday 3rd June20:00Paris Saint-Germain vs Clermont
Saturday 3rd June20:00Reims vs Montpellier
Saturday 3rd June20:00Troyes vs Lille

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