How to watch sports on YouTube TV Abroad in 2022

YouTube TV, a TV streaming service, offers live TV from over 100 broadcast, cable, and local sports networks. It is only accessible in the United States and is owned by YouTube, a division of Google.

Only the USA currently have access to YouTube TV. Like the majority of well-known streaming services, YouTube TV uses geoblocking technology to limit US viewers to its library of content. The main reasons for doing this are broadcasting rights and international licencing agreements.

Fortunately, you can use a VPN to access YouTube TV while traveling. You receive a temporary IP address in the location of your choice when you connect to a VPN server. You can deceive streaming services into giving you local content by connecting to a server in the US.

You can watch YouTube TV shows while you’re travelling if you use a VPN. Therefore, without further ado, let’s begin:

What are the Best VPNs to stream YouTube TV Abroad

Best VPN to watch Sports Abroad



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Best VPN to watch Sports Abroad



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Best VPN to watch Sports Abroad



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Best VPN to watch Sports Abroad



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How to access YouTube TV abroad?

Unfortunately, YouTube TV is only available in the US, so if you’re a resident of the United States visiting another country, you’ll be shut out. Follow the instructions below to sign up and use the app to watch YouTube TV outside of the US.

  • Become a member of a trustworthy VPN.
  • Install the VPN app, then sign in using your login information.
  • Pick the US server from the list and connect to it. We recommend a New York server.
  • Go to the sign-in page for YouTube TV. Create an account
  • Stream YouTube TV internationally now!

What countries does YouTube TV have?

YouTube TV is only available in the United States.

What sports does YouTube TV have?

For sports fans, YouTube TV is a fantastic option. It was even ranked among the best sports streaming services. Channels for specific sports teamsincludes Sounders FC, LAFC, and Orlando City, are also available on the service. ESPN, ESPN2, ACC Network, ESPNews, CBS Sports Network, FS1, SEC Network, ESPNU, NBA TV, NFL Network, MLB Network, Fight Network, BTN, FS2, SNY, Golf Channel, Impact Wrestling, MLB Game of the Week, and Olympic Channel.

YouTube TV Pricing and Packages?

A monthly subscription to YouTube TV costs $64.99. It doesn’t offer various tiers or packages, in contrast to a number of other streaming service providers. There is no need to upgrade or consider different plans because YouTube TV’s single service includes all the channel options. Depending on your location, YouTube TV offers 85+ live TV streaming channels, including sports networks, regional channels, and cable favourites.

You have access to programming from well-known cable networks, premium networks, major broadcast networks, as well as well-liked YouTube creator-produced shows. You can, for instance, access the regional sports networks of CBS and FOX in your area. Up to six different profiles may be used with the base plan, showing unlimited free cloud DVR storage. There are “no hidden fees, equipment rentals, or installation appointments needed.” There is also no obligation; you are free to end it at any time.

Neither a cable box nor a contract is necessary. From your computer, phone, tablet, or television, you can stream content live or on demand.

Premium Add-ons

With more than 25 add-on packages from premium networks like HBO Max, SHOWTIME, STARZ, EPIX, AMC+, NBA League Pass, and others, YouTube TV’s $64.99 per month plan can be strengthened. The majority of YouTube TV add-ons offer a seven-day trial period. This comprises:

  • EPIX: $6.00/mo.
  • DOVE: $4.99/mo.
  • AMC+: $6.99/mo.
  • Shudder: $6.00/mo.
  • SHOWTIME: $11.
  • HBO Max: $14.99/mo.$6.00Z + EPIX: $11.99/mo.
  • Hallmark Movies Now: $5.99/mo.
  • NBA League Pass: $28.99/mo. Or $199.00/yr.
  • Entertainment Plus (HBO Max, SHOWTIME, and STARZ): $29.99/mo.
  • Sports Plus (FOX Soccer Plus, beIN Sports, NFL RedZone, and more): $10.99/mo.
Streaming ServiceYouTube TV
Live Channels85+
Cloud DVRUnlimited (for nine mos.)
Free Trial AvailabilityYes
Free Trial length14 days
DVR ServiceIncluded in the standard price
Entertainment Plus Bundle$30/mo.

What devices are compatible with YouTube TV?

The latest versions of Firefox, Safari, or Chrome, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Roku TVs and devices, Apple TV/Apple TV 4K, Amazon Fire TV devices, Samsung and LG smart TVs, Hisense TVs, and Vizio SmartCast TVs, as well as smartphones and tablets running Android L or later, iOS 12, iPads and iPhones, are all compatible with YouTube TV.

How to watch YouTube TV in the United Kingdom?

Without a high-end VPN, you cannot access YouTube TV in the UK because it is geo-restricted there. However, the best, safest, and quickest way to access excellent YouTube TV content is, by using a VPN. So, adhere to these simple instructions to watch YouTube TV UK from your couch while using a VPN:

  • Install and pay for a VPN service.
  • Your device’s VPN app should be opened.
  • Connect to a US server of the VPN.
  • Turn off your device’s location tracking features.
  • Start watching your preferred TV shows and movies by logging into your UK-based YouTube TV account.

How to access YouTube TV in Germany?

Due to content licencing agreements, YouTube TV is only accessible in the US. However, a VPN will allow you to access YouTube TV in Germany. You can access YouTube TV in Germany by following the instructions below with the aid of the best VPN with US servers.

  • Join a premium VPN service.
  • Set up the VPN software.
  • Connect to a US server after logging in (Its New York server is the fastest).
  • Check out the YouTube TV website.
  • Log in to stream the most recent content and German live TV.

How to watch YouTube TV in Australia?

Unfortunately, Australian residents cannot access YouTube TV without a VPN because it is only available in the United States. You can quickly get moving and begin streaming YouTube TV by following these steps!

  • Connect your VPN to an American-based server.
  • Open your YouTube TV account and log in.
  • Select a video from the content library to watch!

How to unblock YouTube TV in Canada?

Only Americans have access to YouTube TV. So, if you’re a Canadian viewer, you must use a VPN to access the service. To access YouTube TV Canada using a VPN, just adhere to these three simple steps:

  • Get a VPN and sign up for it.
  • Launch the VPN application, log in, and join the US server.
  • Enter your login information on the YouTube TV website or app to begin streaming in Canada.

How to watch YouTube TV in Brazil?

There is good news for Brazilians who want to watch YouTube TV—it is indeed possible! However, not all countries can use the service because of geo-restrictions. You need a VPN to stream YouTube TV in Brazil. Here’s how to use a VPN to access YouTube TV in Brazil:

  • Obtain a VPN.
  • Install the VPN after downloading it, then log in.
  • Visit YouTube TV and enjoy Brazilian streaming.

How to watch YouTube TV in Mexico?

A geo-restriction will prevent you from using a VPN to access YouTube TV from Mexico. This is since only Americans can access YouTube TV. However, you can get around these geo-restrictions by using a VPN.

Use a VPN to access YouTube TV Mexico by following these easy steps:

  • Join a trustworthy VPN service.
  • Install the most recent VPN client version from the provider on your device (s).
  • Select US-based servers once you’ve logged in.
  • Join YouTube TV and watch the programme there.

How to access YouTube TV in Italy?

Only the USA currently have access to YouTube TV. As a result, an error message will appear if you try to access the streaming service in Italy. But using a VPN makes it possible. To access YouTube TV from Italy using a VPN, follow these simple steps:

  • Install a VPN.
  • Choose a connection to any US server. Select a server from a particular US city if you want to watch local TV channels.
  • Begin enjoying YouTube TV. On the YouTube TV website or YouTube TV app, enjoy watching your favourite TV shows and movies in streaming format.

How to stream YouTube TV in Austria?

Italy does not have access to YouTube TV. However, if you use a VPN, you can access YouTube TV in Austria. Observe the instructions.

  • Join a trustworthy VPN.
  • Get the VPN app and install it on your device.
  • Input your login credentials into the VPN application.
  • Connect to a server listed on the servers list that is located in the US.
  • Start streaming on YouTube TV by signing in with your account information.

How to unblock YouTube TV in Spain?

The steps below will get you up and running quickly and enable you to start streaming YouTube TV in Spain. If you want to watch YouTube TV there with a VPN, follow the given steps.

  • First, sign up with a high-end VPN.
  • On your device, install the App.
  • Join the VPN application.
  • Connect to an American VPN server.
  • Go to YouTube TV.
  • Enjoy the Spanish streaming!

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